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CNBlue talks about type of women they like

February 19, 2010

A few days ago, the K-pop idol band CNBLUE made an appearance on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio and one of the questions they were asked was, between older women and younger women, which do you prefer?  Surprisingly, all 4 members responded by saying that they prefer older women.

Bassist Lee Jung Shin said that he’s afraid that a younger woman wouldn’t be able to take the lead role in the relationship, but he has confidence that an older woman would.  Lead guitarist Lee Jong Hyun revealed that all the girls he’s dated in the past were older than him and that his perfect woman is someone who has an adult-like maturity that he can count on in time of need.  Drummer, and the band’s maknae, Kang Min Hyuk explained that he naturally favors older women because he has an older sister that treats him well.  He went on to say that older women are better because they make good money and they could afford to buy him good food, since he doesn’t have that much money.  CNBLUE’s leader, guitarist and lead vocalist Jung Yong Hwa, responded by saying that honestly he doesn’t prefer one (older women) over the other (younger women) but, for the sake of the team, and in an effort to not be the odd man out, he chose older women.

Don’t worry younger CNBLUE fangirls.  Although his final answer was “older women,” it looks like Yong Hwa gave you one ray of hope in your dream of becoming a CNBLUE girlfriend.  Good luck with that.
When the members of CNBLUE were asked what type of woman they could see themselves falling in love with at first sight, they again, all gave the same reply by saying a “very feminine” woman.  Yong Hwa elaborated on his answer and said that she would have to be feminine, but she’d also have to give off an aura of cuteness.  Jung Shin then added to his answer as well and said that in addition to being feminine, she would need to look like the type of woman that has a strong set of principles.
Lastly, CNBLUE was asked who they thought the best looking member of the band was, and they agreed that it was lead guitarist Lee Jong Hyun.  However, hypothetically speaking, they also chose Jong Hyun as the member that seemed to be a connoisseur of porn movies.

Source : ALLKPOP
Credit : + JoongHana


Hannah’s Randomness: MinHyukie,Im only one year older than that okay? haha cant believe they want a noona gf…but then I guess its a good news for me since I got that criteria for MinHyukie..haha *gets kicked*

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