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CNBlue’s Jung YongHwa got in a car accident and got back on set right after

February 22, 2010

An staff in C.N Blue’s management claimed that while he was going to the set of ‘EcoHouse’ in YangPyeong BuGeun, the car fell into a gap. Jung YongHwa was quickly rushed to the InGeun Hospital for a checkup.

The staff also added, “Thankfully, beside from his neck pains, there weren’t any big pains.” He is currently getting checked up and according to the results he will be taking the measures necessary.

Go under the cut for more details after the accident.

C.N Blue’s Jung YongHwa got back on the set of ‘EcoHouse’. According to a staff, after the accident and the checkup, there weren’t any big problems.

However he had pains around his neck, so preparing for the worst, he went to an acupuncture clinic to receive the treatment. Right afterwards, he had gone to the filming set, fighting off the accident.

Translations By: cnbluemoonlight @ CodeAzzurro
Source: JoyNews24 & Newsen
Shared by: JoongHana @

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  1. February 23, 2010 11:14 am

    may you can get better soon oppa 🙂

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