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CN BLUE’s Yong Hwa is Your Absolute Boyfriend

March 2, 2010

C.N Blue’s Yong Hwa is on it again to pawn all women’s heart!

And now he is doing CF for a clothes apparel, NII to be your absolute boyfriend  🙂

Has anyone here watch the infamous J-Drama called Zettai Kareshi before that has J-hottie Hiro Mizushima and Hayami Mokomichi? Any idea? Go here to for the information: Zettai Kareshi

The concept of the CF is more or less like the drama as Yong Hwa and Si Yoon came out from the glass case!

Credits video to cnbluesoul at YouTube

As  the CF said,

다른 니가 되고 싶니?

“Do you want to be different?”

니가 빌요햬… NII~

“I need you.. NII~”

And the CF rough translation by

Shee’s notes: As there are only two lines in the CF, I give it a try in translating it. I am very sure of the lines ‘niga pilyohae’ is definitely correct.. I’m not sure about the first line – but I do believe it is somewhere along the lines.. it is also saying ‘want to be a new you?’ something like that. Forgive me if it’s wrong.. I’m still learning ^^

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