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FNC MUSIC- Regarding Official CNBlue Fanclub Name, 2010.03.12

March 12, 2010


I’m in charge of the FNC MUSIC’s Fanclub.

First we would like to say our thanks to
all the fans who loved CNBLUE’s first album [Bluetory].

Due to all the love and support from the fans
we have decided to get a name for the official fanclub of CNBLUE.

The fanclub name for CNBLUE
Will be chosen by CNBLUE members themselves from the ideas that you guys provide.
To the person that gets their idea chosen, there will be a gift of gratitude as well.

[ Time periods to request ]
– 2010.03.11 ~ 2010.03.18 at 12 o’clock

[ Informations for participation ]
– Title : Fanclub name / Your name / Contact number /
– Details : ① Your name
② Contact number
③ Fan club name
④ The meaning of the fanclub name
– Where to send to :

[ The method the name will be chosen ]
① 1st Stage : From all the mails sent, we choose 5 that are the most common
② 2nd Stage : After that, we narrow it down to 3 different ideas after a round of voting
③ Last Stage : As the last step, with the 3 narrowed choices, CNBLUE members and the FNC Music will make a decision.
That becomes the fan club name.

[ Warning ]
– If your title and details are not in that format, you will be disqualified.
– Make to write the fanclub name and the fan club description clearly.
– All the mails sent after 12 o’clock of March 18th will be automatically eliminated, so please check for the time period.
– We won’t receive any mails asking questions

The fan club name for CNBLUE,
Please make it with your creative ideas.

We will be waiting for the awesome ideas of CNBLUE fans

Thank you.

Credit + Translations By: aoistars @ CodeAzzurro

Hannah’s Comment: OMG OMG..I wish CNBLUvErs is the official name..lets to this CNBLUvErs! lets participate…

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