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CN BLUE’s Official Fan Club Names For Votes!

March 29, 2010

Annyeonghaseyo~ ^^

Shee here. This will be a very quick post. An official announcement has just been released on the Official Korean Site for C.N BLUE regarding the band’s official fan club name. Until we found some good translation about it – I shall tell roughly what’s it all about and will edit it later – because.. yeah, you are right. I can’t speak, read and understand Korean yet.

You could go and check for the Official Notice HERE.

But from what I get- C.N Blue’s management, FNC  has screened out more than 1,000 participants and listed down FIVE potential names for the fan club.

There are:

1) BLUE Mate

– which seems to bring a meaning of, we, fans are the C.N BLUE’s Soul Mates and vice versa.

2) BLUE Holic

– we, fans, are addicted to C.N BLUE

3) 블루칩 = BLUE Chip

– I don’t really get this. What chip? Even my dictionary doesn’t do any justice for this. @_@


Personally, I like the sounds of this. It sounds so cool. It really has various meanings which I could think of at the moment. But as of the Official Announcement, they mentioned about



Therefore, structuring it up to “C.N BLUE is an ideal dream for every fans!”


I – as in ‘I’ itself


Therefore, you as a fan, will always dream about C.N BLUE!


imo, we, fans makes C.N BLUE as our identity and be proud of that! xx


Okay. The explanation is too long. Just wait for the translation when it’s out! But what I can say – BLUE MOON is really a beautiful thing.. when it comes. Right?^^v

You can VOTE for it HERE:

Okay then.. that’s for the express quick post!

Which one is your choice?


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  1. sshhuuu permalink
    April 9, 2010 4:05 am

    hi 🙂 can i be one of the staff here? i just wanna help things out since i’m quite active with following their activities ever since last year 😀 i’m from brunei too btw, here’s my twitter account :

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