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CNBLUE Yonghwa Don’t Worry About Me! 100429

April 29, 2010

Hello this is Jung YongHwa!

I am writing because I’m worried that you guys might be worrying about me..

Truthfully, when we had that stage on Chocolate, it started to feel a bit off then.
My neck was in a bad condition, so I was really desperate.
It was a song that I used to sing often, but it was hard.

So when I got on stage, I made a lot of mistakes
And I felt really bad because we couldn’t show good sides of us.

After Chocolate filming, I went to the hospital for a checkup
Huk! I was so surprised because the matter wasn’t simply my voice being gone.

At a time when I should be only showing 100% of me,
But I was so sad towards the fans and the audience because I couldn’t even show 1%

Because it had been a while since I performed live in front of the Korean fans, so I wanted to better…
But still, I think through this experience I got a chance to learn again.

And I’m really glad that it could be cured through little talking not surgery.
All I want to do I get to sing on stage as soon as possible

Don’t worry about me ~
I will give it my all thinking of the BOICE always cheering for us!

It shouldn’t take long~ Please anticipate our next album!

Thank you.. BOICE ~ Bye!

Translations: aoistars @ CodeAzzurro
Shared By: Minshuu


poor yonghwa 😦 he seriously needs some rest, and let’s pray that our leader will be just fine soon, 🙂

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