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June 16, 2010

Good news for CNBlue fans in Korea! CNBlue will be holding their first concert in Korea this July.

FNC Music revealed, “CNBlue will have a concert called ‘Listen to the CNBLUE’ and meet the fans on July 31st at the Seoul AX Hall.”

All the members of CNBlue are expected to prove and flaunt their true talents through this all-live concert. They will be performing songs from their Korean and Japanese album, and even few remixed ones.

CNBlue already had three sold-out concerts in Japan, but this concert will the first one in Korea and is expected to be just as popular, if not more, as the Japan concerts.

The members of CNBlue are currently participating in discussions for the planning of the concert. Despite their busy schedules, they are currently busy practicing and training until they reach perfection.

FNC Music also added, “The members are determined to make the concert both musically and visually perfect, therefore, they are hard at work preparing for the concert.”

The sales for the ticket will begin on the 18th for the registered fans, and the rest will go on sale on the 28th.

Credits: allkpop

Syd’s spazz:

Okay.First of all, when a friend shared this image to me – I was …woahhhhh! SO BLUE! LOL.

Then in a blink of an eye, I started to nag – that I want to go! How I wish I could T___T

Price of ticket is around USD60 – if not mistaken!

It’s quite cheap, no? T__T

No matter how many nasi lemak I’ll sell – I’ll definitely cannot go. Sob~ oh boys! Why there are so many barriers I need to face before I could meet y’all~? LOL! jkjkjk. But I’ll support you beehh! Now all I need is an official merchandise for this. Someone please, can buy it for me or not? xD

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