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[NEWS] CNBLUE FIRST STEP Press Conference Article Compilation

March 22, 2011

On the release of CNBLUE’s first album “FIRST STEP”, they did a press conference at 1PM KST today at Seoul, YeongDeungPo Timesquare (M Pub).

– Album satisfactory points
YH: “I want to give 50 points for this album. There are still parts of the album that are still lacking, but we have given our best, so I give this much.”

MH: “I also want to give 50 points. I indirectly participated a lot in this album but I didn’t participated in writing lyrics or composing myself. I think it’s a pity. I want to show my creations in the next album.”

JH: “I keep on practicing even when we have activities. Coming to the studio for recording, there are a lot things I wanted to accomplish, but not all of them could be shown. So I feel that it’s still lacking. But considering how far we’ve grown since last year, I want to give it 60 points.”

JS: “I want to give it 65 points. I give this score because every time we release an album we always work hard till the wee hours in the morning.”

Source: Art news

– The members’ introductory on the album track
YH: “I participated in writing, composing and arranging for the track “Love Girl”. The melody is beautiful and sweet. The instruments playing one after another is one of the highlights of the song.”

YH: “The title song “Intuition”, it’s a song showing the feeling of someone who’s being left by their lover”

JH: “I participated in the “Love follows the Rain (aka eclipse)” track and I’m also the one who sings the song. We’re trying to harmonize acoustic guitar and vocal in the first part of the song while bringing much of the pop for the 2nd part. It’s a song in which people who experienced separation can relate to. The lyrics are about remembering that person on a rainy day.”

MH: ” The 7th track, “one time” is the track that we had released in Japan. A song that Jung Yonghwa wrote and composed. This was the first song that made CNBLUE enter the Oricon Chart. It has strong characteristics.

Source: Art news

– On the album
YH: “I want to give 50 points for this album. Though there are still parts that are lacking, but i think we have given our best. As a band, we’re tried to do everything with our own strength, however, it is still a long way for us till we can participate 100% in the album.”

CNBLUE: “Our current image is smart, but now we’re coming back with a manly and chic image; this album title “First Step” symbolizing our first step as a musician.”

Source: Osen News

– Netizen’s reaction on the album
“We’re checking for the public response through our mobile phones. We’ve been getting good responses so far, so we feel proud. I hope we will receive much love for a long long time.”

Source: Art news

– About wanting to be like “Rolling Stones”
“We want to be like the Rolling stones. While watching the Rolling Stones video the other day, we were hoping that we can also last for a long time like them. It’s nice that bands like Bon Jovi have popularity for a long time.”

Source: Osen news

– On being Idol band
CNBLUE: ” This album means a lot to us as we participated in the making of the new songs. We can feel our growth (through this album)”

YH: “We remade the title songs of our Japanese albums into Korean. Though it’s a pity that the title song is not our own song, but we have put a lot of effort in this album, so we feel proud.”

MH: “Sometimes we get misunderstood, because we couldn’t play live in every show. Hearing those criticisms just make us want to work much harder. It’s only been a year since our debut, slowly by hearing our live performances, we will get our talent recognized.”

Source: Money Today Star News

– On their Japan experience
JH: “We really started from the bottom in Japan. We gave out flyers to the people on the streets trying to let them know who we are.”

YH: “That time, when we went home in the evening, we talked about how many people we could get eye contact with. Our biggest satisfaction was to see our fans increasing one by one.”

JH: “Our time in Japan was difficult but I kept telling myself that this is time to study. Everytime we feel like slacking, we back up by remembering the passion we have at that time.”

YH: “We just came back from Japan not long ago, I feel quite surprise and sad upon hearing the earthquake news. We have left a message through a video on the Japan fansite but I hope that Japan can recover soon, and we hope to have do a concert there again soon.”

Source: Sports Seoul

– On Yonghwa’s weight loss
While preparing for the album, Yonghwa had lost 8 kg within a month. He said, “I feel like I have put on weight while working on my activities all these times. Thinking of how I first started, with that mindset, I dieted.” Yonghwa lost weight by eating less portions of rice and was satisfied with just chicken breast and bananas. He also made sure that he exercised on the treadmill before going to sleep, no matter how late the time was. When asked if he’s working on his abs and if he will reveal them, Yonghwa said while laughing, “Since I’m on a diet, I don’t have much energy so I couldn’t working on my abs yet. Even if I have it, I don’t think I can show it in front of the fans.”

Source: SSTV and Newsen

– On the new drama “Festival”
Yonghwa has been casted as the leading role in Pyo Minsu’s new drama “Festival”. He’ll be playing the role, Lee Shin, a cold city man, who is only interested in music and nothing else. In the interview Yonghwa said, “To get immersed in the role, lately I have been acting cold to the members. Lee Shin is also a vocalist of a band so the character is similar to what I am right now. I’m currently in the process of understanding the character.”

Yonghwa also revealed in the press conference that his band member Minhyuk will be playing along side him in the drama and that they’ve been practicing acting together. Minhyuk said, “Jung Yonghwa is the lead role in the drama, and I’ll be playing the character of Yeo-Joon. This will be my second drama after ‘It’s alright Daddy’s Daughter’. i will show a better improve side of my acting.”

Yonghwa also said, “It just happened that the drama first broadcast is on June 22nd. It is also my birthday. So I have a good feeling about this.”

Source: Osen News and Sports World
Translation: blue_jus7 @ Code Azzurro


Hannah’s Comment: Show us your abs YongHwa…we sure want to see it…LOL xD

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