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[INTERVIEW] CNBLUE greets Thai fans in the interview room of “Scotch Puree 10 Berry”

May 14, 2011

On May 10, 2011, 4 p.m. at Supreme complex, the four members of CNBLUE, Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk and Lee JungShin, flew to Thailand as the presenters of Scotch Puree 10 Berry to reveal new commercial “First Step”, receiving good responses from fans.

Before CNBLUE had their live performance for fans in the evening, they have gave an interview for the Thai mass media.

Below is the interview.

Tell us about your first full album.
Yonghwa : We’re glad to release our full album which contains 12 songs. We composed and wrote 10 songs from this album ourselves. We hope you follow our album.

We heard that Minhyuk and Yonghwa have a drama together. What is it about?
Minhyuk : During our free time, we usually practice our roles and we have now started filming already. We really enjoy it.

What is your idea girl? And when you meet your idea girl, what would you do?
Minhyuk: I like girls with whom we can be friends. If I meet her, at first I’ll be her friend, go to see movies together and eat with her.
Yonghwa: I like girls who have beautiful eyes, understand my working life and only love me.
Jonghyun: I like girls with whom I feel comfortable with and have fun all the time.
Jungshin: I like girls who are lovely, generous, kind and with whom I feel comfortable when stay together.

You have visited Thailand several times. What you impress about Thailand?
Minhyuk: This time is the 7th that we’ve come to Thailand. We’re very impressed that every time we come, no matter in the early morning or late at night, we have our fans who always wait and cheer for us everywhere.

Do you have any plans for a concert in Thailand?
Jungshin: It’s a pity that every time we come to Thailand, it’s just for a showcase. Now we have a tight schedule, but we really want to come and have a full concert here.

You have visited Thailand several times. Do you know any Thai language?
Yonghwa: rak CNBLUE Kin Scotch na krab (Love CNBLUE, drink Scotch)
Minhyuk: kid teung puak rao mai (Do you miss us?)
Jungshin: fan chao thai narak (Thai fans are so cute)
Jonghyun: rak khun krab (Love you)

What is your favorite fruit?
Jungshin: Mango
Jonghyun: Blueberry
Minhyuk: Strawberry, raspberry and watermelon
Yonghwa: Berry

If compare were to yourself to a fruit, what fruit are you?
Minhyuk: I want be a raspberry because it is good for eyesight. Please drink it much more.
Jonghyun: I want be a red apple because my guitar is red.
Jungshin:I want be a blueberry because it is good for your health and your eyesight.
I want be a pear because when I’m in Korea, I really like to eat chilled pears.

How do you feel to be the presenters of Scotch, which is your first advertisement in Thailand.
Yonghwa: We are very happy. This is our first advertisement in Thailand. It is such a good experience and the advertisement shooting was really fun. All staff are very kind to us.

How do you look after your health and your eyesight?
Jungshin: Usually we like to exercise in fitness clubs, and take supplements and vitamins.
Yonghwa: Recently, I just did LASIK. After I found out that drinking Scotch would help to improve my eyesight, I drink it every day.

Leave a message to Thai fans.
Yonghwa: We’re very happy to come to Thailand again. Thanks for bringing us here again. Next time we hope to have a full concert in Thailand. Please love Scotch. It takes 6 hours to fly between Thailand and Korea, but since we come here very often, we love Thailand more now and it now only feels like it an hour. Lastly, please support our new album.

The Scotch Puree advertisement, which has CNBLUE as its presenters, starts broadcasting on May 10,2011.

Translation: BeauChu @ Code Azzurro

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