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[NEWS] CNBLUE “FIRST STEP” Album places No.7 on Tower Records Album Ranking for the First Half of 2011

July 11, 2011

Tower Records reveals album ranking for the first half of 2011. SNSD (or Shoujo Jidai in Japan) was in 3 places in the top 10 ranking. The 378,534 copies of album sold for the First Japanese Album makes SNSD’s First Full Japanese Album top the list.. Both SNSD & Kara leads the Kpop Industry in Japan so no doubt they are topping the list.

See the lists below to find out who are the other artists ranked!

  1. SNSD – Girls’ Generation The First Japanese Album
  2. KARA – Girls’ Talk
  3. Big Bang – Big Bang Two
  4. GD & TOP – The First Album
  5. FT Island – Five Treasure Island
  6. Big Bang – 4th Mini Album
  7. CN Blue – First Step
  8. SNSD – Hoot
  9. SNSD – Girls’ Generation Live Album: Into The Nww World
  10. Ikemen – Original Soundtrack
Source: cnbluebeat
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